• Check out HCA’s latest review!

    Check out HCA’s latest review!

      Thank you for your fantastic review!…   I HATE working out.  However, I hate being fat more.  I started on my weight loss journey a couple of years ago, and started by changing my eating habits.  We went from frozen pizzas, fast food and processed foods to homemade, organic and gluten-free meals featuring fresh fruits, veggies

  • Holiday Heat-Up!*

    Holiday Heat-Up!*

      Wrappin’ Run:  Alternate wrapping a present with running in place or a set of stairs. Cookie Crunches: Every time you put a pan of cookies into the oven, do 10 crunches. Santa Squat:  Grab Santa’s milk jug, do 10 narrow stance squats & 10 wide stance squats, repeat 5 times. Waiting Wall Workouts: Waiting