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    Check out HCA’s latest review!


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    I HATE working out.  However, I hate being fat more.  I started on my weight loss journey a couple of years ago, and started by changing my eating habits.  We went from frozen pizzas, fast food and processed foods to homemade, organic and gluten-free meals featuring fresh fruits, veggies and low fats.  This had an immediate impact on my weight and general cardiovascular profile.  My cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure all saw a positive change – but then I hit a plateau.    I needed to add regular workouts, but as I started with, I really hate that.  I am good at starting them, not so good at keeping up with them.  But what I have found is, if I have some accountability somewhere and someone giving me an idea of what I should be doing – I will do it.  I started working with a trainer at the gym – but that got really expensive at nearly $40 per session (that was the discounted rate for buying multiple weeks!) and the times were restrictive – especially during the school year when the girls have activities in full force.    Health Coach Andi offers the answers to all of those problems!  Andi, a personal trainer, nutritionist, acupuncturist and award winning bodybuilding and figure competitor, (phew – this girl is well-rounded in all things health – check out her full credentials for more details!) offers her expertise in an easy to use, round-the-clock website.  I received a membership to her site in exchange for my honest opinion.

    What did I think?

    HealthCoachAndi.com is the perfect way to kickstart your weight loss and health goals – or maybe, you already are a healthy weight and are thinking of starting competitions or doing things like running marathons, HealthCoachAndi.com can help you with that, too!  She offers highly personalized training virtually – so you can work it right into your schedule!  When you sign up, you should make sure that you have enough time to put into setting up a profile to make sure that you can get the most out of this program.  You will answer questions about your health, your goals and your abilities.  Once all of your information (including your physical measurements) are input, realistic goals are put into place.  I want to stress realistic, because I know that as a curvy gal, I hear repeatedly about what weight I “should” be at, but have never been given an attainable goal.  HealthCoachAndi.com’s approach appears to be giving you attainable, short-term goals that make you feel good about your achievements, so that you will keep going!


    Once you are all set up in the system, you will get personalized workouts with a printable weekly workout reminder and a suggested menu – with recipes!  Even better, you can print a shopping list that is organized and easy to follow.

    My favorite part is the how the site interacts on the mobile function.  I can be at the grocery store and easily pull up the shopping list or check out my menu for the week.  Or if I am at home and have some extra time to squeeze in a workout, I can pull up my phone and check out the recommended workout from Andi!  As if I couldn’t get more excited – I did!  If you have pulled up a workout and are not sure what the proper form is, or how to do the movement – there is a handy little movie reel that you can click on to be instantly taken to see a video snippet of the movement!


    The Verdict

    I love that with HealthCoachAndi.com, I can get the attention of a personal trainer, nutritionist and general health guru at my convenience and any time of the day.  With HealthCoachAndi.com I can have highly personalized training at my finger tips without the associated cost.  Right now, HealthCoachAndi.com is offering a special for the first month of membership – sign up now and pay $9.99 for your first month!  Get a feel for how it works and see the difference that having an expert can make in your health!  Be sure to visit HealthCoachAndi.com on FacebookTwitter and Google+ to get tips on healthy living and more!

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