• Get After it!


    Getting Started
    Every Excuse Not To…

    Having trouble finding the motivation?  Do you use every excuse available? Not sure what to do?

    The two most important things to do are get moving and start eating better. Start by walking a little extra every day.  Park the car a little further away, take the stairs, take a short walk around the block.  As you feel comfortable, add on.

    Make it fun.  Develop a competition with friends to walk the stairs at work.  Keep track and have your own work challenge.  Reward the winner with a healthy lunch out or an Itunes card for a few new songs for their workout!

    Incorporate one healthy meal or snack each day, adding on as you get comfortable.  Find foods that are good and good for you, focusing on complex carbohydrates, lean proteins,and health fats.

    Try one serving of whole rolled oats with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter in the morning or at lunch try Ezekial sprouted grain bread, with half an avocado and three ounces of chicken breast to cover all three.

    Once you get started you’ll find it easier to add on day-by-day and week-to-week.

    Happy Training!

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