• Holiday Heat-Up!*

    Holiday Heat-Up!*



    Wrappin’ Run:

     Alternate wrapping a present with running in place or a set of stairs.

    Cookie Crunches:

    Every time you put a pan of cookies into the oven, do 10 crunches.

    Santa Squat: 

    Grab Santa’s milk jug, do 10 narrow stance squats & 10 wide stance squats, repeat 5 times.

    Waiting Wall Workouts:

    Waiting on the oven or the little ones to go to bed? Do 10 wall push-ups and 10 wall sits, repeat 3 times.

    Guilt Game: 

    For every overindulgence pick 3 exercises off this list and do as many as you can, keeping track of progress!

    Bad-Lister Boxing:

    Made the bad list again this year? Alternate speed boxing for 30 seconds with fast feet for 5 min everyday.

    Make the Good List!!

    • Do all of these exercises as a circuit.
    • Move from one to the next for 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions.
    • Running in place and bad-lister boxing for 30-45 seconds during that portion of the workout.

    *Remember to always check with your physician prior to beginning an exercise program. Warm up by light walking or jogging around the house or in place for 10 minutes, stretch through your major muscle groups holding each for 20 seconds. Keep your belly button pulling tight toward your back and spine in neutral position.  Exhale through the contraction and inhale on extension.  If that becomes confusing just remember to breathe. Cool down by walking or jogging, bringing your heart rate near resting rate for about 10 minutes. Again, stretch major muscle groups holding each 30 seconds for 3 sets.  If an exercise is too difficult, causes pain, discomfort or is confusing discontinue. Check in with me if you have any questions.

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